Add USDT/USDC (ARB) to the emissions gauge


Let’s leverage the top oracle-driven AMM, DFX, by incentivizing the USDT/USDC liquidity pool on Arbitrum. In recent months, we’ve witnessed Arbitrum’s volume surge on DFX.

Tether USD – (USDT): $1.00 | Tether USD (USDT) Token Tracker | Arbiscan

Tether USD Website : Tether

Tether is a blockchain platform that digitizes fiat currencies, revolutionizing traditional finance with a modern touch. It enables seamless transactions with traditional currencies across the blockchain, minus the usual volatility and complexity of digital currencies. As pioneers in this space, Tether has democratized cross-border transactions, making them accessible and stable for all.

Specification & Implementation:

The USDT/USDC LP has been created using the “create pool” function. Now, the focus is on getting it added to the gauge for DFX emissions.


  • We add a gauge to the liquidity pool, veDFX users can vote to include emissions.
  • Aim to boost our TVL and 24-hour volume on Arbitrum.


  • We don’t add a gauge.
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  • Against
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