Operation Siren Song


“Operation Siren Song” is a strategic initiative aimed at fostering DFX Finance’s growth by targeting specific high-liquidity pools from Curve Finance. By creating equivalent pools for crvUSD, stETH, and fraxUSDC on DFX Finance with competitively higher APR percentages, we plan to attract and siphon off a portion of Curve’s user base. This operation will leverage targeted social media campaigns to highlight our superior offerings, thus enhancing our market presence and liquidity.


The primary motivation behind “Operation Siren Song” is to significantly increase DFX Finance’s market share and liquidity. Currently, platforms like Curve Finance dominate the stablecoin trading space due to their vast liquidity pools. By targeting specific, high-liquidity pools such as crvUSD, stETH, and fraxUSDC, and offering higher APRs, we aim to present DFX Finance as a more attractive option. This strategy directly addresses the need for greater liquidity and user base on DFX Finance, which is essential for sustaining long-term growth and competitive edge. Moreover, by engaging potential users through well-crafted social media campaigns, we enhance brand visibility and market penetration.


The proposal involves the following key technical and social changes:

  1. Technical Implementation: Creation of liquidity pools for crvUSD, stETH, and fraxUSDC on DFX Finance, ensuring they mirror the offerings on Curve Finance but with higher APRs.

  2. Social Media Campaign: Launch an aggressive marketing campaign across various social media platforms. This will involve creating engaging content that highlights the benefits of trading on DFX Finance, specifically focusing on our competitive APRs.

  3. Community Engagement: Host AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, webinars, and interactive sessions to educate potential users about the benefits and opportunities of the new pools.

If Proposal Passes


  • Increased liquidity and trading volume on DFX Finance.

  • Enhanced brand recognition and user base expansion.

  • Competitive edge over other platforms due to higher APR offerings.


  • Potential for increased risk and pressure on the platform’s infrastructure.

  • Requirement for significant initial investment in marketing and technical development.

  • Possible regulatory scrutiny due to aggressive growth tactics.

If Proposal Fails


  • Stability and reduced risk by maintaining the status quo.

  • Avoidance of potential regulatory and technical challenges.


  • Missed opportunity for growth and increased market share.

  • Continued dominance by platforms like Curve Finance, potentially diminishing DFX Finance’s competitive position.

  • Risk of stagnation in a rapidly evolving market.

  • Yes, we should try to expand our platform through new community engagment
  • No this is a terrible idea. Let’s do traditional marketing
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Great write up, @TheBigSur! I think the next step would be to wait for the aggregators to full implement our new v3 smart contracts. We are in the process right now with 1Inch and Paraswap, which should cover most of the market overall.

Once those are implemented, I think we should 100% make this a reality. I have already looked up the data-links (Oracles) from Chainlink, here’s what we could possibly have made and paired with USDC. I think these are some of the communities that would makes sense for us to target based on overall synergy. I also think that if these LPs are made, they should also be put on the emissions gauge.

Let me know your thoughts and if I let anyone of them out that you think should be targeted as well.

Ethereum Oracles:

FRAX / USD | Chainlink

CRVUSD / USD | Chainlink

stETH / USD | Chainlink

Polygon Oracles:

BAL / USD - https://data.chain.link/polygon/mainnet/crypto-usd/bal-usd

Arbitrum Oracles:

stETH / USD | Chainlink

PAXG / USD | Chainlink

ARB / USD | Chainlink

RDNT / USD | Chainlink


Yes! This sounds great to me and I love it expands to multiple chains.

What about also considering new product launches like Prisma’s mkUSD or Redacted’s newest LSD Pirex ETH (pxETH)?

These protocols are in the CRV ecosystem and have large, influential communities. Early adopting may provide interesting benefits and attract users as well.