Proposal to increase the TRYB/USDC pool rewards during a joint campaign period w/ BiLira


BiLira is a Turkish Lira pegged stablecoin project with the mission to provide every Turkish citizen a seamless connection to the decentralized internet. Since 2019, BiLira team has been educating the Turkish users about the new age of Decentralized Finance. BiLira’s token TRYB has been listed on numerous exchanges and DeFi platforms, and is currently available on 6 different blockchains.

After several years of experimenting and gaining knowledge on the DeFi habits and trends in Turkey, BiLira team now wants to take solid steps to bring DeFi to the masses. As a result, BiLira would like to promote one of its most used liquidity pools in DeFi, which is the TRYB-USDC pool. BiLira will be allocating a 50K USD worth of TRYB/USDC tokens to attract Turkish crypto users to DFX and familiarize them with this stablecoin use-case. This will be a marketing campaign that will target Turkish crypto users and is scheduled to start on November 1st.

As Bilira, we propose DFX Finance boost the TRYB-USDC pool rewards with an additional 35k DFX tokens starting the first week of November for 4 epochs (weeks) and Bilira will be allocating 50k USDC. This joint campaign will multiply the impact of the campaign and attract more users.


  • Turkey’s crypto adoption rate is among the top 5 around the world.

  • BiLira is one of the leading and most trusted blockchain and crypto brands in Turkey. BiLira can promote DFX Finance to a wide range of audience groups.

  • BiLira’s current audience profile is upper middle class, millennial and interested in DeFi

  • Dollarization rate is high in Turkey. There is an organic interest in USD-TRY swap which means the USDC-TRYB swap feature should be of interest.

  • Previous BiLira campaigns showed that incentivizing and rewarding users to experience new financial products is the most feasible way to educate them.

  • TRYB is currently being used by many traders on global exchanges such as FTX, MEXC. The campaign also has the potential to attract these CEX users.


During the to-be set campaign period, any user who provides liquidity to the TRYB-USDC pool, and stakes their LP tokens will be receiving additional TRYB/USDC rewards alongside their DFX rewards. If the proposal gets approved, TRYB-USDC pool rewards will be increased with an additional 35k DFX tokens for 30 days starting the first week of November for 4 epochs (weeks). 35k DFX Tokens equal to approx. 50% of the previous month’s total reward allocation. As a result, participants will be receiving both TRYB/USDC and DFX token rewards. Users who have staked LP tokens before the campaign period will also be eligible to participate.

The campaign/rewards program will be specific to the TRYB-USDC pools on the Ethereum network.



  • Increase the liquidity of TRYB-USDC pools
  • Onboard new Turkish DeFi users
  • Increase DFX awareness in Turkey
  • Create a word of mouth
  • Use BiLira’s local reach to onboard new users.
  • Can be considered as a marketing activity to promote V2 of the platform


  • Will need to have the Multi-token claim feature available to start the campaign


The BiLira team believes that the future of finance is decentralized. The Turkish crypto ecosystem is among the top in the world but many of these users are CEX users and haven’t had a chance to experience DeFi. By allocating a 50k USD worth of reward pool, BiLira aims to create a new wave of DeFi hype and introduce DeFi advantages and DFX to the Turkish users. Increasing the DFX rewards during the campaign period will multiply the impact of this marketing campaign and add value to the DFX community.

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DFX Finance to increase the TRYB-USDC pool rewards with an additional 35k DFX tokens for 4 epochs starting the first week of November on the Ethereum network.

  • Yes
  • No

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Hi, a couple questions:

  1. Where is the 35k DFX coming from?

  2. How much DFX has BiLira purchased and locked to support the cause?



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Hi Robeyryan,

Thanks for the message!

  1. The proposed 35k DFX incentive would be provided by the DFX treasury to promote the pool.

  2. BiLira and our community have been a supporter since the early days, both by providing liquidity to the pools and promoting the TRYB use case on DFX to Turkish users. We also support the new veDFX model and locked our DFX tokens (approx 40k DFX) this week. With this campaign we would also be dedicating 50K USD worth of an additional reward pool to go to the participants. We believe in the long-term success of DFX and its community!



Thanks for the response!

I’ll confirm the lock and you’ve got my vote. Let’s get it! :raised_hands:

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Hello there.
Just to make sure, we’re talking a total of 35k dfx and 50k usdc divided into 4 epochs right?
Good luck for the proposal :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Will,

Yes, that’s correct.

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