DFX / TEL 50:50 Liquidity Mining on Balancer

DFX / TEL 50:50 Liquidity Mining on Balancer


Hello, I would like to propose to the DFX community a liquidity mining incentive for the TEL/DFX 50:50 pool on balancer. Link: Balancer

Currently purchasing DFX is a struggle if you would like to avoid ETH gas fees. I believe adding a liquidity mining incentive on the Polygon network would be incredibly beneficial, both for the Telcoin community and DFX community. Both teams are working together, and as we know DFX is currently available on TelX with stable coin staking. I believe this pairing would bring both communities closer together and foster mutual financial growth.

Also, I strongly believe Telcoin would be open to matching incentives, with any DFX incentives. Both communities would prosper and balancer would provide a great way to acquire DFX on the polygon network.

This pool was created by Parker from Telcoin and I just think it’s a great opportunity.

The motivation is huge, I know many Telcoin holders who are looking for a way to buy DFX, but want to avoid ETH gas fees. Pairing DFX with Tel is the perfect opportunity to further grow both communities. Also, if the LP became viable with at least 5million in liquidity over an extended period of time, it could very likely be integrated to the future Telcoin V3.1+ app at some point, which will have access to TelX. This would bring DFX to the future masses that will be utilizing Telcoins services.

The pool already exists, rewards could be airdropped once a week, similar to other pools. Telcoin could potentially also airdrop rewards if we get them involved as well.



  • DFX community benefits

  • Telcoin community benefits

  • Provides an easy way to acquire DFX on Polygon network


  • Currently no other liquidity mining incentives with other pairings


  • FOR

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Great idea. Polls should be enabled for all basic users (but not new users). To become a “basic” user, from the Discourse docs:

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Thank you for that. I was wondering if it was a permissions issue. Poll is now live.


Great idea !
Getting DFX on polygon network would be awesome


This is a party starter right here! MASSIVE! :eyes:


If it is a 50:50 pool, can you please explain what is the advantage of doing this on balancer vs sushiswap/uniswap? Thanks

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In reference to @tanman, I’d like to know as well lol. we can even have this on quickswap.

EDIT: nevermind, forgot it already exists as a BAL pool lol.

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@tanman Yes, my thought process is the pool already exists and is ready on balancer, and telcoin already has millions of assets in Liquidity Pools on balancer. Final reason being if the pool became liquid enough, 5m plus in assets over and extended period of time, it could be viable for integration into the upcoming Telcoin app. Which will be an exchange that offers affordable remittances with on/off fiat ramps all over the world. It will be distributed by Telecoms and mobile money operators. So the potential, future trade volume could be huge.

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Thanks @TheBigSur. I am fully supportive of the plan to have a 50:50 DFX/TEL pool

But I think sushiswap provides additional sushi rewards for providing liquidity on their platform. So someone more knowledgeable on AMM rewards should help finalize the platform to use for this pool (balancer vs uniswap vs sushiswap)

bring it on donkies!

supportive - lfg!!!

Voted! Excited get back into this community :grin:

This is great idea.!!

I think this is a great idea as well.

Purchasing DFX on POlygon is easy and has low fees. Why would you buy it on ETH??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just use Sushiswap on Polygon or 1Inch on polygon… address is 0xe7804d91dfcde7f776c90043e03eaa6df87e6395

This proposal is for incentivizing the TEL/DFX Balancer pool on Polygon

Yes my proposal is for polygon. This balancer pool is on polygon now and it’s where telcoin already has millions in liquidity. My idea is to further grow both communities together.

totally agree, this will be huge @Coty

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This, on ALL exchanges!

Makes perfect sense. Especially because Tel is already established with Balancer. Wholeheartedly support this !