How is it not easy on Polygon?

Continuing the discussion from DFX / TEL 50:50 Liquidity Mining on Balancer:

Purchasing DFX on Polygon is easy and has low fees. Why would you buy it on ETH??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just use Sushiswap on Polygon or 1Inch on polygon… address is 0xe7804d91dfcde7f776c90043e03eaa6df87e6395

I think the reason most don’t swap for DFX on Sushi (Polygon) is because of the RPC but we have a video coming shortly on that.
However, in the mean time, this gentleman does a good job at explaining how to. - Polygon MetaMask Tutorial (How to Use Polygon MATIC Wallet for Ethereum DeFI) - YouTube

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Whales like to trade on Ethereum mainnet. The most secure and decentralized blockchain… I like Polygon, but the Polygon team has limited the number of validators to just 100.

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