Proposal to list GBPT/USDC Pair


GBPT is the first and only British Isles regulated British Pound Sterling (GBP) stablecoin, regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority with a Class 8 money transmission license. :white_check_mark:

We are 100% cash backed, always 1:1 with GBP, and collateral is held in a European bank account in segregated accounts. :pound:

  • GBPT is an ERC20 token and additional chains will be added in due course.

  • GBPT is audited monthly by KPMG, and has a real-time proof of reserve oracle with Chainlink.

  • GBP is one of the world’s top 5 most traded currencies and an important additional to any diversified FX portfolio.



Official Press Website:

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  2. Everything You Need To Know About Poundtoken, The First British-Regulated Stablecoin

  3. KPMG to Audit New UK Stablecoin As Large Firms Eye Crypto Sector

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  5. Digivault becomes first custody partner of, the first British-Isles regulated and 100% backed GBP stablecoin

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Good morning and thank you for the proposal!

As you know, we now operate on a “ve” model that allows holders of DFX to lock their DFX and vote on allocation of emissions (rewards) to those providing liquidity in the various pools.

As the protocol itself, I imagine this would be something you intend to do in order to push adoption and liquidity of your token.

How much DFX do you all intend to buy and lock to incentivize your pool should the proposal be passed?




Exactly what I was about to ask as well

Hey guys, great question! I am taking this question back to the team and will circle back when I have an answer

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Hey guys ok so I’ve spoken to the team and we do intend to make a sizeable purchase of DFX tokens, although the exact figure is yet to be decided. Will keep you posted in the TG chat, probably after Token2049. We are exhibiting there so feel free to stop by if any of you are in London!

Great to hear! You have my support and I’ll lobby to get others with veDFX to back you as well!