[DIP-25] Proposal for a DFX Grants Program

This DIP aims to establish a DFX Grants Program and secure funding for it with the primary objective of fostering community growth–attracting new users and builders to our protocol. We are requesting a total budget of 30,000 DFX tokens over a period of three months, with a review process at the end to evaluate its effectiveness and determine whether to extend or discontinue it.



Grant allocations range from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars worth of DFX tokens. For transparency, all grants distributed will be made public, ensuring every member of our community can see how and where these resources are being allocated. Additionally, a dedicated Council has been formed to oversee the program. The council members include:

Coty @CotyKuhn
Kyle @Spelunkr
Rush @Negitaro

Interested applicants can submit their proposals through our Community Forum. The Council will review and evaluate the submissions. They will assess the feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with community values. Projects should outline their objectives, timeline, budget, and expected outcome. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate a clear alignment with community values and have a strong potential for impact and growth.

Grant recipients will also be required to provide regular progress on their projects. This will enable the Council to track the impact and effectiveness of the projects and the overall grants program.

We are requesting a total budget of 30,000 DFX tokens from the DAO treasury. These funds will be distributed as grants to qualifying projects. If the allocated funds are not fully distributed within the Grants Program’s lifetime AND the Program is extended, unused funds will be utilized to provide grants in future rounds; otherwise, they will all go back to the treasury.

At the end of the three-month period, the DFX Grants Program will undergo a review. The review will assess the overall impact, effectiveness, and community response to the program. Based on the review, the Council will make a decision on whether to renew the program with or without any modifications, or just discontinue it.


The DFX Grants Program aims to spur community growth–attracting new users and builders to our protocol. By allocating 10,000 DFX tokens per month over a three-month period we believe this initiative will bring valuable contributions to our community.

Grant Wish List


  • Dune or Flipside charts on various protocol analytics
  • Regular reports on aspects of DFX protocol


  • Improvements to documentation
  • Translations
  • tweets/month about DFX w/ meaningful engagement
  • articles/month and press releases about non-USD stablecoins


  • POAP art
  • Website art and documentation illustrations
  • High quality memes


  • Bring new stablecoin issuers or trade aggregators to use DFX

Grant Application Template

Grant Title: A title for your grant application.

Author: List the names, usernames, or emails of the author(s).

About You: Relevant information about yourself or the team, including educational background, prior experience, motivations or any other detail that demonstrate your qualifications for the grant.

Additional Links: Include any relevant links that provide additional information about you or your work.

Grant Description: Describe the project that you intend to undertake using the grant funds. Highlight the goals and objectives of the project.

Grant Goals and Impact: Explain the expected impact and outcomes of the project, both in terms of community growth and protocol development.

Milestones: Identify key milestones that will be achieved at various stages of the project to help track progress effectively.

Funding Request: Provide an overview of the funding you are requesting for your project, in DFX tokens. Justify the amount based on the project’s scale, complexity and potential impact.

Budget Breakdown: Provide a breakdown, indicating how the funds will be allocated. Include line items such as personnel, development, marketing or any other relevant categories.

Wallet Address (to receive the grant): Specify the wallet address where you would like to receive the grant funds.

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