DFX Info, graphics, trivia, meme's

DFX Info, graphics, trivia, meme’s:

DBTelcoin: @DWB124

About Me: I am a DFX ambassador and have been sharing & posting about DFX for a couple years, I am a military instructor so I enjoy posting educational info and posts about DFX. The grants program has motivated myself to further share the DFX word to bring stablecoins to the world.

Many of DFX posts can be found here:


Grant Description:

The key thing that I would be accomplishing would be keeping light on DFX being active on socials by daily and weekly posts sharing info, graphics, trivia, & memes to highlight the goals and objectives of DFXFinance.

Grant Goals and Impact:

My goals are to continue to share not only impactful information about DFX but to also continue to share graphics, trivia & memes to highlight and bring interest to DFX. I want to bring in more dragons to our community not only on Twitter but also DFX telegram.

Funding Request:

I would be asking for 3000 DFX tokens for this grant. We all know that DFX posts covering trivia, graphics, memes, and information on a daily basis is time consuming but an effective way to get out information and draw interest in such an amazing project like DFX. I have been very supportive of DFX over the last 2 years and it’s team and will continue this support well into the future. I look forward to everyone’s support and thank you for your time in voting.

Wallet Address (to receive the grant): Polygon



+1 here, strong community member


Thanks Bert much appreciated :handshake:

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Very much deserved DB!!! Appreciate all your hard work buddy!


Thanks for your support dlong, much appreciated :handshake:

I dont know about this one, lol.

Just kidding, I support this. :clap:

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Lol :joy: hey I still appreciate the comment and support. Wish I could have got down to Tampa and visit before the move.

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