DFX specific Info/Graphics/Memes:

DFX Specific Info/Graphics/Memes

dbtelcoin: @DWB124

About DB: I am a DFX ambassador and have been actively promoting and sharing information about DFX for a couple years. As a military instructor, I thoroughly enjoy creating educational content and posts about DFX. The grants program has inspired me to continue spreading the word about DFX and its mission to bring stablecoins to the global stage.

Additional Links: Many of my DFX posts can be found here: x.com

Grant Description: The primary task I would be performing is maintaining an active social media presence on X for DFX by regularly posting informative content, graphics, trivia, and memes. These posts would emphasize the objectives and goals of DFXFinance.

Grant Goals and Impact: My objectives are to maintain a flow of engaging content about DFX, including graphics, and memes. This approach aims to attract more participants to our community, both on X (Twitter) and the DFX Telegram channel.

Funding Request: I would request a grant of 10,000 DFX tokens. Maintaining a daily presence on social media with content such as trivia, graphics, memes, and informational posts about DFX is time-intensive but highly effective in disseminating information and generating interest in the project. I have been a steadfast supporter of DFX and its team over the past two years, and I intend to continue this support well into the future. I appreciate your consideration of my grant proposal and look forward to the community’s support.

Wallet Address (to receive the grant):



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Hell ya bro! You do a great job and definitely deserve it.

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Appreciate you brother :handshake: love sharing DFX with the world