Launch DFX on Harmony

Launch DFX on Harmony

Hey DFX community, we are the Harmony team and we’d like to support DFX once it’s ready to expand to multi-chain, see our detailed proposal below and feel free to ask us anything! (@li-jiang @pjconleyy)

We are proposing that DFX deploy on the Harmony blockchain to expand its foreign exchange protocol to Harmony’s community of users, and we will provide incentives to bootstrap the launch of DFX to a new ecosystem.


Our proposal is to support DFX when it expands to multi-chain. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain that is fully Ethereum compatible with 2-second transaction finality and near-zero fees.

Harmony invites the DFX community to support this deployment. Harmony will work with the DFX team and community to decide on incentives to bootstrap initial usage of DFX on Harmony.

Harmony is a sharded proof-of-stake blockchain. It has processed more than 99 million transactions on mainnet and it is fully EVM and Ethereum tooling compatible. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

DFX is a leading foreign exchange protocol and we want to help bring it to the Harmony ecosystem, which is growing with the launch of Sushi on Harmony and other DeFi projects.

Below here is the current liquidity and some of the top pairs of Sushi deployed on Harmony with over $100 million in total value locked:

Our Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Harmony bridge also has over $100 million in total value locked.

The Harmony and DFX team will deploy the DFX contracts on Harmony. Harmony supports EVM and Ethereum tooling, leading to a seamless integration, much like other EVM chains and L2s.

After the deployment, we will work with the DFX core devs for cross-chain governance implementation on DFX on Harmony.




Source code: harmony-one · GitHub

Audits: and


over 17,500 delegators and 115 validators 1, staking 4.7 billion ONEs ($450m staked)

$100 million TVL on Sushi on Harmony, and $30 million combined on other DEXes

$100 million TVL on Harmony’s bridge to Ethereum and BSC

70+ active Dapps; 135,000 active wallets; 99M mainnet transactions

Users: Twitter (200K), Reddit (27K), Telegram (25K), Youtube (10.5K), Discord (6K)

Work with the Harmony core developers to deploy DFX on Harmony with an incentive campaign

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