KPI distribution - External community members (2/2)

DFX KPI distribution for external community members

DFX team decided to distribute KPI options to incentivize community activities to meet a common goal (in our case TVL).

At a high level, we decided to distribute 50% of KPI options to DFX community members and other 50% to external communities to incentivize growth.

This topic (part 2/2) focusses exclusively on distribution to external community members.

[Placeholder for discussion after finalizing internal DFX community distribution.]


Thanks @tanman for starting this thread. I invite the community to chime in with ideas for this.

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I will give this a shot as well, and as usual invite community members to add additional thoughts. I am heavily borrowing my ideas from some good discord discussions in May 2021 from community members, so credit where it is due.

  1. I recommend that we exclude any address that interacted with DFX in the past. This is a controversial recommendation, but I really want to use these 50% of KPI options to attract folks who are not familiar with DFX.

  2. I suggest we target ~5000 users (or any similar count - such as 7500 etc).

  3. Each qualifying address gets same number of KPI options. There is no additive principle here and all 5000 (or 7500) users get same number of KPI options

  4. Here is the starting criterion to look for addresses

  • 100-200 active superumans
  • DFX competitors
    • Halodao: snapshot voters + high volume LPs
  • Defi OG community
    • Early user of compound (…before defi was even a thing from 2018)
    • DAO users: Bankless, Gitcoin, Makerdao snapshot voters
  • Smaller AMMs
    • Gro, Ampl, saddle, shell, fei, snx, piedao, float (restrict this list to 2-3 AMMs)
  • Stablecoin creator communities
    • Paytrie, Stratis etc…no idea how to find folks from here…so this may not be an option

Please share feedback on these communities, and after refinement we can figure out exact selection criterion and filters


Being the main mission of DFX is to offer stables in different countries, I wonder if there’s a way to target different international DeFi protocols?

As for point #4, I can think of QiDAO, FEI, and OlympusDAO off the top of my head. Let me see if we’ve engaged with any other stable creating protocols. I’ll add them to this list.


One community that comes to mind would be Might make sense to target them with an airdrop?

Great list. As a suggestion also add EURS / USDC uni v3 LPs and/or users that have traded foreign stablecoins (EURS / CADC / …) in the past. Also, support excluding DFX users as we target new folks.

Another suggestion for attracting talented people to the protocol:
Drop some KPI options to LobsterDAO NFT holders - GitHub - lobster-dao/overview: Description-FAQ of the process
(Disclaimer: I am personally not active in the Lobster chat, so I’m not eligible for the NFT drop). But I know that there are a lot of top Defi minds in that chat:

“The initial list of the distribution very strongly represents active and knowledgeable users, fully anonymized. As such, that list is quite valuable as a snapshot of DeF-native users who are active. Perhaps, cool teams like DegenScore can implement this as an extra gateway of powerful users, or other teams can decide to use this list for retroactive protocol airdrops.”

Guys, I’d like to draw your attention to UMA’s report on the lessons learnt from the first batch of KPI options

In particular, they admit that it was a mistake to overscatter the first batch: they allotted up to $UMA 2M (=$60M at that moment) to >7k addresses. Essentially it turned into yet another free lunch airdrop. Instead you want to concentrate: whitelist far fewer addresses, pick them more thoroughly.

We’d better learn from their mistakes, 5k is far too many.


Thanks for pointing this out. It probably makes sense for us to focus on just 2 or 3 communities and limiting the drop to 500 to 1000 addresses.

For reference, this excerpt from the article seems useful:

Super Umans ran social media and governance blitz campaigns into other communities with the aim of attracting new partners. These communities included BadgerDAO, Harvest, Sushi, Aragon, 88mph, PoolTogether, Index Coop, and Indexed Finance. A “campaign” was a social coordination across Discord, Discourse, and Twitter, and often involved weeks of lead generation and follow up.


I agree. Let’s just go with 500 addresses for this wave.

We can probably just go with 1 community - Lobsterdao as suggested by @Mikhail. It seems to be the most active community in space, and we can easily find 500 individuals to kick us off for this round

Note: For future KPI distribution waves, I still would like to revisit the initial proposal to identify defi OGs from pre-2018, stablecoin creator ecosystem etc that are more relevant for our usecase.

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