Ambassador programme proposal

Proposal to instate recognised DFX ambassadors in countries around the world.

A proposal to instate DFX ambassadors in specific countries, who would each dedicate time to contribute to wider DFX aims and support its global ambitions in in a wide variety of ways.

This proposal seeks to utilise the passion and skills of the DFX community and will help to increase the reach of DFX in each of the ambassadors’ respective countries.

A problem in this already busy and burgeoning DeFi space is exposure and education. The problem is two fold: 1) Expanding the DFX community 2) Educating new users to make sure they get the most out of the platform and retaining them as a by-product of this.

The core team only have so many resources and finite time, and are only in a limited number of regions. The community of DFX is global and therefore ambassadors strategically based in countries around the world can expand the reach massively.

The added benefit is that they can communicate in that nations language and potentially assist native users with their questions more efficiently. This advantage is also clear when considering the creation of marketing and/or educational resources.

The limit to what ambassadors can assist DFX with is limitless. Some examples of tasks include:

  • Create community content to educate and promote (prioritising their host country and the recipient audience)
  • Allow DFX core team to leverage their connections or give any unique insight they may have to help them make better informed decisions
  • Stay on top and abreast of all state-backed stable coin/CBDC news and development in their country
  • Promote DFX across their social/personal networks
  • Lend time researching any country-specific matters for overall DFX strategic aims
  • Attend industry relevant events that cannot be reached by DFX core team - where possible - to network and also indirectly promote DFX via word of mouth
  • Help moderate country or currency focussed channels and generally help new users with their questions (Maybe more important as DFX usage and community grows and more stable coins are added?)

Technically, there will need to be a set criteria of what an ambassador needs to possess to be designated the role. This can take many shapes and discussions have to be led by DFX core team and the community.

If it is voted for, then a date in order to vote in these ambassadors needs to be decided upon, along with criteria, and a way for would-be ambassadors to bring their applications before the community.

It goes without saying that an incentive scheme for ambassadors will have to be agreed upon too. As these incentives will keep ambassadors motivated.

When thinking about downsides, I can think of the following: Not getting any volunteers for these ambassador roles. Ambassadors doing a poor job in the role. Resentment from ambassadors who applied not being voted in?

If the proposal fails, nothing changes per se. The growth of the DFX community may not expand as quickly, but the steady incremental build and improvement of DFX finance continues.

Final thoughts
Overall, there’s a lot more discussion to be had, but I think the benefits are tangible and pretty clear… If done right that is.


Where can I apply? I’m from Ecuador (South Americs)

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personally, i think not having too many restrictions or criteria would be more beneficial and could possibly take the direction of

“if you want to be an ambassador, then put forward your case on what you believe you can bring to the role and why you should be considered”

then its voted for/against by the community. having too many criteria might put people off.

we could then have a yearly revote of the ambassadors in an election style, any new proposals are then considered and the community vote in those ambassadors they feel would benefit the token and demote/remove those who have not shown any activity (i.e freeloaders looking for incentives only)

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I think this is a fantastic idea. I’m a big believer that certain people bring certain skillsets to projects, so agree with the above commenter that putting in “strict” guidelines on what they must do may be a mistake.

In my opinion, each application would be looked at individually to see what it is the person wants to bring to the table. For instance, if Person A is a video content creator and wants to donate their time, energy and skillset to create videos for DFX to use in marketing… We should welcome that person.

If Person B can’t create videos but has a ton of spare time and some connections, and wants to actively recruit influencers to check out DFX, they should probably be welcomed.

If person C can’t create videos and can’t recruit… Perhaps they are a white collar hacker and are willing to donate their time to help strengthen security. Should they be an “ambassador”? Idk.

Just some thoughts because I believe in allowing people to put their own expertise to work for the overall betterment of the community… And that can take many shapes and forms.