DFX Proposal Template

DFX Finance Proposal Template :bookmark_tabs:

Note: A DFX Improvement Proposal (DIP) number will be assigned by a forum moderator if it makes it to Stage 2 of the governance process.

Simple Summary :open_book:

Provide a simplified and layman explanation of the DIP.

Idea :bulb:

A short description of the idea being addressed.

Motivation :muscle:

The motivation is critical for DIPs that want to allocate funding or change the DFX Protocol. Proposals without sufficient motivation may be rejected outright.

Specification :control_knobs:

The specification should describe the new idea or change. The specification should be detailed enough to allow participants in the DFX governance process to engage in conversation.

Rationale :thinking:

Describe what motivated the design and why particular design choices were made. It should describe alternate designs that were considered and related work. The rationale may also provide evidence of consensus within the community, and should discuss important objections or concerns raised during discussion. So its highly recommended to include β€˜Pros & Cons’.

Poll Example :ballot_box:

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To get a better understanding, please take a look at previous forum proposals.