Proposal to Change Snapshot Voting Period from One Week to 72 hours


Currently, the system for voting on DFX DAO Proposals is two fold:

  1. The proposal is posted on the forum for a discussion and straw vote on the proposal to gauge support and interest.

  2. Following this discussion and straw vote, proposals showing community support are officially voted on via a “Snapshot Vote.” (All this means is that a “snapshot” is done of each wallet when the official vote begins and voting power is assigned at that moment.) All voting members of the DFX DAO are given one week to vote.

This is a proposal to reduce the Snapshot Vote voting period from one week to 72 hours.


The purpose of this proposal is to streamline DFX DAO votes and remove unnecessary waiting periods that can negatively impact or bog down the DAO. With the expected exponential growth of the ecosystem, streamlining the voting process is important to scaling and growing the protocol.

Looking at the latest Snapshot Votes - 80% or more of the votes are cast within 24 hours of opening the Snapshot Vote voting period. A 72 hour voting period allows ample time for all DAO members to cast a vote if they wish to do so and allows the DAO to move quickly and be nimble.


Pretty simple - the Snapshot Vote voting period for DFX DAO proposals will be reduced from one week to 72 hours.

If Proposal Passes

Pros -

  • Proposals pass or fail four (4) days sooner than currently permitted
  • The voting process is streamlined to support rapid growth and scaling
  • Unnecessary waiting period to enact important proposals is removed

Cons -

  • If a DAO member is out-of-pocket for three full days, he or she would miss the opportunity to vote

If Proposal Fails

DFX DAO proposals remain subject to a one-week Snapshot Vote voting period.

  • YES - Reduce the Snapshot Vote voting period to 72 hours
  • NO - Keep the Snapshot Vote voting period at one week

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Great idea. Enough time to make up your mind and find a bit of time to vote. Means we can move faster when desired


Great idea. Really felt the 1 week drag on the 2mil proposal.