Danicryptonews presentation

Grant Title: DFX Telegram Bot

Author: Dani (TG @danicryptonews)

About You:

My name is Daniel, although people usually call me Dani. I’ve been passionate about technology since I was a child, perhaps because I had a great interest in anything that allowed me to unleash my creativity, which opened many doors and opportunities for me. At the age of 16, I started studying programming on my own, gradually steering my professional studies in that direction. Programming allows me to turn everything that crosses my mind into a useful tool. After completing my primary studies, I pursued a Higher Degree in Valencia, Spain, where I acquired the necessary knowledge to start working, while also dedicating part of my leisure time to personal programming projects. I love working in a team, I’m quite sociable, and I’m very hardworking, especially when I set my mind to something.

Additional Links:

I would like to provide more information about other projects, but most of them have been jobs I’ve done for other individuals or specific objectives. I haven’t created much public content on the internet, except for a couple of websites here and there.

Grant Description:

A bot that that utilizes Telegram’s chat interface to provide users the following features:

Live TG member count; DFX stats such as price, trading volume, 24h change, market cap, circulating supply, etc. retrieved from CoinGecko API; levelling and XP system; memes; and much more!

For Admins, a suite of tools to help manage the group. Key features include:

  • Screening (CAPTCHA) for newly joined members
  • Log users joining, leaving, getting kicked or banned
  • Profanity detector, the bot will delete messages containing blacklisted words

Grant Goals and Impact:
The impact will / continues to provide automated support to not only DFX Twitter accounts but Telegram channel.

Milestones: Most of the ‘milestones’ have already been hit but this will continue to help with longevity and maintenance.

Funding Request:

Roughly 5k DFX for new Raspberry Pi accessories, continued maintenance, Twitter blue and previous time that has been put in.

Budget Breakdown:

As for me, I could use the budget to buy a better case for my Raspberry Pi so that it makes less noise (it’s quite noisy) and lower its temperature with an improved fan, thereby increasing its productivity and longevity. I could also use the funds to acquire Twitter Blue and reach a larger audience. Dedicate more time to the community and let go of other personal projects that don’t excite me as much, etc.

Regarding the project, I believe it’s crucial to rebuild trust at the moment, not skimping on security expenses and being as transparent as possible. Furthermore, I think it would be important to run a targeted and incremental advertising campaign, carefully assessing where we can achieve the highest productivity with the lowest investment. With a solid strategy, I believe we can take DFX back to where it was and even farther.

Wallet Address (to receive the grant):



Support, hands down! :saluting_face:


Yours is much more formal than mine! Best of luck friend, I hope it gets approved :crossed_fingers:


I hope it passes as well. You’ve put in a lot of hard work and have done an awesome job! Really appreciate it!

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Support this proposal

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Fully support this… Dani has been doing this for a while now and has never asked for anything in return!

Keep up the great work Dani, and appreciate you supporting DFX!!

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Wow guys! Many many thanks :heart:

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