Grant Application for Crypto Blacksmith Memes

Crypto Blacksmith Memes

Crypto Blacksmith

My background is in the equestrian industry. For me investing in amazing projects like DFX is a way for me eventually spend less time on the road. Although I am not well versed in the technical side, I am able to draw attention (and get some laughs) by creating memes relevant to DFX.

My project is to continue making memes on Twitter and growing my reach.
Although making memes may seem inconsequential, I truly do believe they do help by catching a person’s attention and making them want to inquire further.

Key Milestones will be increasing my reach and likes/retweets I recieve.

I am looking for 1000 DFX . This will help cover the time currently invested in making the images as well future images.




Support this proposal too

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Great attitude, and great memes that make us all laugh, while also bringing attention to the DFX protocol.

Fully support this grant!

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Another grant that I think is well deserved! Fully support! :clap:

Blacksmith has some incredible memes! Fully support this!

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