DFX Grants Program

The DFX Grants Program is an open program that allows DFX owned by the DAO to fund initiatives that benefit DFX and its ecosystem.

This page is updated periodically as grants are distributed and new needs are discovered.

Grant Funding Examples

Marketing and community Growth

  • Education (content that bring value to users, old and new alike, by teaching them something new about DFX or non-USD stablecoins)
  • Newsletters (regular reports on aspects of the protocol, press releases about non-USD stablecoins, digital currencies, etc.)
  • Translations (documentation localization)
  • Housekeeping (improvements to documentation, etc.)
  • Etc.

Applications/tools and integrations

  • Analytics (Dune or Flipside charts on various protocol analytics)
  • Dashboard (analyze and track positions on multiple chains for DFX liquidity providers)
  • Any tool that would enhance and improve DFX UX
  • Etc.

The following criteria are considered:

  • How it relates to DFX or non-usd stablecoins
  • How it may benefit and impact DFX and the push for non-USD stablecoins
  • How the funds will be used and why they are needed

A council of team and community members will oversee the program and proposals submitted by authors.

Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate a clear alignment with community values and have a strong potential for impact and growth.

Grant recipients will also be required to provide regular progress on their projects. This will enable the Council to track the impact and effectiveness of the projects and the overall grants program.

How to Apply

Just create a new topic in the DFX Grants Program category, a template is provided which can be modified before submitting.